Thinking - Robotic pleasantries

I  normally say please when I speak to google and ask it something.

I suspect this might be a good habit to get into because...

  1. One day robots might get offended if you dont thank them, and punch you in the face.
  2. If we get out of the habit of thanking stuff for doing stuff for us, we will start offending people making us coffee, because we will forget they are human.
  3. If our kids get out of the habit of watching us thank stuff, the world will probably end in an enormous fireball, killing us all. 
Thank the floor for not letting you fall. Do it now. It deserves some credit. It's a thankless task, but a very important one.

120ThingsIn20Years Thinks it's probably worth thanking everything. 

Thinking - Pedestrian traffic self control

So... you know that thing where you are walking between someone close to some shelves or something and your turn your body sideways... to kind of... crab shuffle... past them?

I just discovered that I'm officially thicker than I am wide, so I should just barge past them front on from now on.

It's more polite, more efficient, and less disruptive.

You also have the added advantage of not needing to decide to go front facing, or butt facing when you brush past them.

120ThingsIn20Years asks...Thicker than you are wide?...

Just barge on through facing front!

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